It is definitely going to be different for awhile. Our new normal orthodontist visits, are just an example.

We received a reminder that finally; after a few months of waiting, we were able to go to the orthodontist again, and pick up where we left off straightening my kids teeth.

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The appointment was scheduled with a few new rules in place. First, of course, there is online paperwork to fill out, that states you will not be coming in to the office if you've been exposed or think you may have been exposed to Covid-19. Also, only the patient is allowed inside. Gloria was sad because she loves to visit the staff whenever we bring Tanner by. She watched Tanner walk in the building, as she sat in my lap in the car.

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Once Tanner was ready and had all the paperwork completed, we were to text the office, and then they texted back when they were ready for him. The doors were locked and once they were ready for his appointment, they met him at the locked door.

Scheduling for the next appointment was all done by phone. Tanner said that the experience inside was slightly different as well. There were fewer patients inside and everyone was masked up. He also was required to wear a mask inside.

I appreciate what our business partners are doing to protect their patients; I appreciate the care they are giving in this difficult time; and I look forward again to the day where Gloria (our family dog) can once again run inside the office and say hello to our friends and business neighbors; Something I hope we never take for granted again.




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