I guess I've never thought about asking this question before, but in Mankato, there have been some conflicts arising due to parent and teacher conflicts, regarding a variety of issues.

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Mankato changed their open forum policy recently, according to a story in the Washington Examiner, after several people spoke at a meeting on October 4th against mask mandates and vaccine policies, with several community members shouting, cheering, and applauding speakers who spoke out against the mandates.

The question is, can a school board legally ask people to disclose their personal addresses in front of everyone in the room? A man requested to speak at the last meeting in Mankato and was asked to disclose his home address if he wanted to speak at the meeting. He said he felt that if he announced his address he would be targeted for vandalism. He finally and reluctantly spoke his address quietly, and then the chairwoman repeated the man's address loudly so it could be heard by everyone.

The Chairwoman had announced that if anyone wanted to speak during the open forum, they could not criticize members of the Mankato School Board. She also announced that if anyone violated the rule, that the open forum would be shut down, and the person who criticized the members would never be allowed to come back to any future meetings.

Although I can understand wanting to protect your school board members, can anyone legally make these decisions and take away people's rights in certain instances?


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