From time to time you may hear me talk about my dog, Kaycee.  Okay, technically she is my brother's dog but that's only a minor detail.

Allow me to take a moment to tell you a little bit about her.  Kaycee is a five year old Golden Retriever who has more energy than that of ten people combined.  She is pretty smart but I will be honest, she has her not-so-bright moments, like the time she took off to the neighbor's house, went searching for something that had run in to the culvert and then got stuck in there herself.

Brains aside, she is a good dog.  She likes to hunt and go for car rides.  She loves to play and gives hugs but is definitely a bit spoiled.

Kaycee (along with her brother, Riley) turned five on Tuesday.  To mark their milestone I decided to throw them a birthday party.  Okay not really, I more or less made them wear silly party hats and take pictures.  Poor things, but in my defense they didn't make it very easy on me!  It turns out my dogs don't care about their birthday, don't like hats and love ice cream.

I learned a very valuable lesson from this experience and that is I sincerely doubt I will be having a party for these two again.  I discovered there are some people who plan their pet's birthday just as they would their child's.  I still think the idea is fun but I'm just going to stock up on doggie ice cream next year.

If you're looking for some cool ideas including a dog birthday cake recipe, I found a fun website complete with a planning guide.