If you are in business just to make money and not give anything back to society - shame on you. You have the power to truly make a difference in the lives of those that need it most. There's a little boy who found out why Lego is really the best company in the world.James Broccia is a young boy who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome. He had his heart set on getting the Emerald Night Train set from Lego. His parents tried to do the right thing and teach him the value of a dollar. They told him if he wanted it that badly, he would have to save the $100 to purchase it himself.

Fast forward two years and James finally saved up the hundred bucks. The only problem is, Lego discontinued his train and the only way to get it was to bid for one on the internet. His parents did bid a few times, but were always outbid. Then, Dawn Hartnett, a social worker that runs the Lego therapy sessions for children told James he should write to Lego and explain the situation. He did and boy did they respond.

Lego was touched by James story and immediately sent him the train set of his dreams just days before his birthday and his proud parents posted this video on YouTube to show the world that there are companies that do actually care about their consumers! Kudos to Lego for making this little boy's dream a reality!

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