Like many Americans, I watched the Super Bowl last night. I was super excited to watch Adam Levine perform with Maroon 5 during the Half Time Show. I got my healthy snacks ready, I was in my prime TV watching spot...I was ready!

Everything seemed to start off on the right foot. Gladys Knight's National Anthem performance was inspiring. She sang like a true star and my half time anticipation grew!

The game started off slow. I couldn't believe how boring the game was. My husband is a football fan and he couldn't even get into to. I kept reassuring myself that things were fine because I still had the half time performance and commercials to look forward to.


It was finally time! The second quarter ended and I made a big announcement to everyone at my house! "GUYS, GUYS, IT'S STARTING!" Everyone scrambled to fill their plates and cups and head down to the TV. Maroon 5 took the stage and we waited...and waited...and waited for it to get good. Maroon 5's performance might have been one of the worst in history. I mean, they didn't really do anything on stage. There were fireworks and that was about it. Not to Mention that I couldn't hear most of Travis Scott's set because there were too many bleeps.

The only thing that could have saved the performance would have been Sponge Bob singing 'Sweet Victory.' The NFL acted like they were going to play it by teasing a clip of Sponge Bob. Everyone in my house cheered when the clip came on the TV--and then, nothing happened. It was the letdown of the century for my generation (not to sound dramatic).

The Patriots won...which wasn't a surprise to anyone, and that was it. It felt like a wasted night. Ugh. I can't believe I stayed up for it.

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