The scientists at FHM Magazine have done hard (read: random) research and have found the 8 names of women who will be the biggest problem for everyone in 2018!


Share with your BFF for a good laugh. Do NOT share with your wife!! Trust me on this.

8 Names of Women Most Likely to Ruin Your Life in 2018

#1: Megan is most likely to cheat on you!

#2: Melissa is most likely to be a criminal!

#3: Jennifer is most likely to be a gold-digger!

#4: Emma is most likely to get pregnant! (Ned note: if you're trying to have a kid, this really isn't a bad thing...)


#5: Tiffany is most likely to commit fraud! (Ned note: if you have breakfast at Tiffany's (...) she'll tell you it's bacon. It isn't! It's turkey bacon! Not the same thing.)

#6: Amanda is most likely to never pay you back! (Ned note: if you did something bad to an Amanda, this may be your lucky year!)

#7: Ashley is most likely to be CRAZY!

#8: Lauren is least likely to go to the gym! (Ned note: this is a d-bag way of saying that Lauren is most likely to get fat. Classy.)

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