Names are getting...odd-er. Parents are putzing with the spelling of regular names to come up with...unique...variations. If it's the original native spelling of the name, then cool. If not, then still cool because we should really be less judgmental.

Too late, we're already raging judgy judgers.

Bored researchers at Syracuse University cornered five hundred (500) people and asked them to rate popular male and female names. Some were popular decades ago, but again QUIT JUDGING!

Out of four hundred (400) names, a few stereotypes triumphantly emerged.

- names like Mia, Kellie, Hailey, Melody, Jesse, and Hannah seemed more feminine (names that the queried associated with women) were pigeonholed as kind but less-capable than other people

- names like Lawrence, Stuart, and Norman were rated as less nice but highly competent were men's names


- names such as John, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel, received high marks for both competency and warmth

- is your name Tracy, Cheyenne, Erin, Larry, Crystal, Alvin (ALLLLVIIIIIIIIN!), Dominic, or Vicki? Sorry, but those polled think you're cold and incompetent.

- Brittneys and Brads are considered younger than Bruces and Bettys.

"Fashionable" names (don't ask, I have no idea) might date (i.e. associate them to a particular era) someone.

So if you're thinking of a name for your baby and are terrified of strangers judging you and your kids for their names, take heed.


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