I like to consider myself a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Those things being snacks from gas stations. I love things that are under heat lamps, on hot rollers, and in coolers. Kwik Trip has great snacks, and I am card carrying Kwik Trip Rewards Member.

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Last week I received a text from Kwik Trip:

Have you visited us recently? Be one of our top 10 members by 12/31/20, and you'll earn yourself a gold Kwik Rewards card with special perks!

This promotion is called Gold Rush 2020. It is really simple to enter, if you have been to a Kwik Trip and swiped your rewards card, you're in the running. The Gold Card has special perks that will be released throughout the year, the first one announced has been free fuel for a year.

There are some rules:

  1. Subject to a limit of one visit per two hour period
  2. Must be registered by December 31, 2020 to be eligible
  3. Open to individual cardholders only
  4. May not be Kwik Trip, Inc. employees at any point in the promo period
  5. Any cardholder found to be acting in any manner deemed by Kwik Trip, Inc. to be unsportsmanlike, disruptive, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person will be disqualified, and his/her Kwik Rewards membership may be revoked.

I feel like this Gold Card is basically like having Kwik Trip celebrity status. Like when really rich people in movies have credit cards with no limit that are made of precious metals. To win this will be next to impossible, but a person can dream right?

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