This story just keeps getting better and better. I mean first, college student Jason Gonzalez loves Krispie Kreme donuts so much, that the 21 year old has been making weekly runs to Iowa to bring the tasty treats to resident in our state, and of course; make a profit.

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The next thing you know, Krispie Kreme heard about it, and told him to stop making the deliveries. Then they changed their minds.  They came back a few days later and said he could carry on with his deliveries and made the college student a Sole Proprietor and the only Krispie Kreme provider in Minnesota.


Now...they've gone a step further. Jason Gonzalez was needing a new vehicle to continue making the runs to Iowa for the deliveries, so he started a go fund me page, to try to get a better vehicle; and instead, Krispie Kreme has now provided him with a cargo delivery van to do just that.

Jason is going to use the funds from the Go Fund Me page to pay for taxes and registration, and snow tires for the vehicle, and wrote on his Facebook page that he would be "forever greatful."

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