Jule's Bistro is at it again. I can hardly wait until the new one of a kind cake is announced each month. Not only because it is homemade, but because it always benefits a non profit that could really use our help.

You can get a piece of this cake through the end of April, but after that, a new non profit is selected, and a new cake is created for your tastebud pleasure and to give those in need a little bit of extra support. Who knew that eating cake could be so good for the world?

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This month’s Kindness Cake campaign features tangy lime curd nestled between mildly-sweet mango coconut cake layers, covered in chocolate ganache and artfully decorated with white and milk chocolate brushstrokes, lime buttercream, dark chocolate-dipped mango slices, toasted coconut flakes and lime zest.

When you purchase a $20 slice of this delightfully-different cake, $13 will be set aside to support @herartsinaction, a non-profit organization that believes art is a tool for social change and works to make those who are othered, marginalized and overlooked feel welcome in traditional visual art spaces.

A whole kindness cake purchase ($136) provides over $83 in support. Enjoy a slice here or take one to go. Or order a whole cake through our bakery. Doing good in our community has never been easier.


According to the Facebook page, herARTS in Action artwork is created with the goal to educate on global social topics.

The money raised from art sales will helps assist the community and NGOs working on clean water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, poverty, and education in Burkina.

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