Kelly Sayer, President and Founder of  The Diamond Arrow Group, stopped by the studios to talk about "Situational Awareness" and how knowing cues and being aware of your surroundings can protect you and your family from those with ill intentions.

How big of a difference can it make? We all hear about self defense classes. But how many of us feel that we could really take down someone twice our size when we aren't violent by nature? What else can we do BEFORE things escalate into having to defend our lives?

Kelly Sayer is acknowledging this very untouched topic; and offers incredible advice; and great videos on her website:

As we talked about situational awareness, I realized how important this is; not just for women, but for all young people; for kids going off on their first year of college; being on their own.


Get tips on Travel by watching one of the great training videos Kelly has put together. Eye opening information that can really help you be aware and have an enjoyable vacation.

To listen to the interview, you can click on the player below.

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