The temperatures are causing many residents to suffer from freezing temps in unimaginable ways here in Minnesota. That is why we need to get the word out, that Minnesota's Cold Weather Rule is a state law that protects residential utility customers from having electric or natural gas service shut off between October 1st and April 30th of each year.

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To protect your service though, you have to take action. It doesn't just happen because you need help. You must let your utility know about your circumstances and work with them on a plan.

The first step in protecting yourself from having your service disconnected is to speak to your utility and create and keep a payment plan that you and your utility can agree upon. This may seem like a hopeless situation for many, who may have recently lost a job or have had an unexpected health issue affect their livelihood. Perhaps both people have lost jobs because one has to take care of the other's healthcare needs.

The utility must make and keep a payment plan that your household can afford.  They are required to consider your existing financial circumstances.


Having to confront the utility can feel overwhelming for many. But the fact is, the freezing temperatures this time of year can cause even more problems to your home should the service be discontinued, so you need to take action no matter how uncomfortable it might be. Frozen pipes can burst so you need to set up a CWR payment plan any time but as soon as possible to protect yourself and those living in your space, during the CWR season.

Photo by BĀBI on Unsplash
Photo by BĀBI on Unsplash


The answer is YES. Renters are eligible for CWR protection. The electricity or gas must be the primary heat source, and the utility account must be in YOUR name.

All natural gas and electric utilities must offer CWR protection but do NOT apply to delivered fuels, like oil, propane, and wood. If you use these types of fuel, and your furnace is run by electricity, you should apply for CWR protection with your electric company.

To learn more about getting help today, click HERE for more information. If you know someone in need, who is suffering from these issues, please share this information with them, as they may not have the means to find this information in the first place. Help someone get in contact with their utility if at all possible, and let's try to keep people and pets safe through this difficult cold weather season.

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