This Christmas season, Walker Hayes is giving his massive hit "Fancy Like" a spunky holiday remake.

"Fancy Like Christmas" swaps out the original lyrics for a mish-mash of holiday traditions and staples. "Yeah, we fancy like Christmas 'round a fake tree / Nutcracker on the mantle / And a candy cane candle / Getcha eggnog, witcha fruit cake / Go Jesus, it's your birthday," he sings in the chorus, a recognizable spin on the original hit with a few extra jingle bells thrown in for good measure.

Hayes keeps his Applebee's hat-tip in the Christmas version of his song, with a line about wishing for a gift card from the chain restaurant in his stocking. Of course, Applebee's was a huge part of the original "Fancy Like"— so much so that the restaurant sent the singer a Gold Card that gets them free Applebee's meals. The singer and his wife Laney used the card to pay for their anniversary dinner in 2022.

Speaking of Laney — and the rest of the Hayes family — the singer wasn't alone in the music video for his holiday song. He and Laney enlisted their six children to co-star in the clip: A fitting decision, since it was a TikTok dance that Hayes invented with his oldest daughter Lela that largely propelled the viral social media success of the original "Fancy Like."

Peppermint Mochas, front yard Christmas blow-ups, mall Santas and mistletoe: It's all here in this over-the-top holiday music video, which conclude with some epic family dance moves and a classically awkward family Christmas card photo.

Most recently, Hayes put out his New Money EP in September.

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