I used to see a lot of Dunn Brothers Coffee shops around central Minnesota. I often visited one in Zimmerman when I first moved back to Minnesota, and even in Sartell between Sam's Club and Walmart.

Recently, the Minneapolis-based company has decided to go where consumers are going to get their coffee. Whether in grocery stores, retail spaces, or even people working from home, Dunn Brothers wants to be where consumers live and breathe.

They are finding their way into consumers' hands with food-service locations such as hospitals, and event venues. Not only that, they are working on putting their coffee on the shelves of grocery stores, so if your office is in your home, Dunn Brothers will be there too.

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(Photo: Dunn Brothers Coffee website)
(Photo: Dunn Brothers Coffee website)



They are currently working with Lunds & Byerlys and Kowalski's Markets to sell their coffee beans on their store shelves, as well as selling single-cup pods, as many people love making just one cup at a time.

That's not the only change they are making. People love to have mail-to-order items arrive at their homes. Dunn Brothers is working on a program for 'Roast-to-Order' beans. You place an order online for the type of coffee beans you want, and Dunn Brothers will roast your beans to your specifications, and then ship them out immediately to the customer within three days of placing their order.

Dunn Brothers seems to pride itself on the quality and consistency of its products and feels that the retail and grocery store move could mean their alternative sales routes could outgrow their in-store sales.


Dunn Brothers currently has three corporate stores and approximately 50 locations. They are now setting their sights on key physical locations; specifically in the Skyway or North Loop in downtown Minneapolis. They are also looking into franchising their stores. They are also considering placing a Dunn Brothers Coffee around the University of Minnesota.

Photo by Unsplash
Photo by Unsplash



With the expansion into Lunds & Byerly's, does that mean we could start seeing Dunn Brothers Coffee Beans on the shelves of the St. Cloud location? The Kowalski's Markets took off in January, so we may start searching the shelves soon for possibly finding Dunn Brothers here in central Minnesota.

Dunn Brothers have been in the coffee shop fight for 40 years, and I believe they are going to remain a force to be reckoned with for another 40 with innovation and their dedication to a consistent quality product.

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