Today is National Coffee Day!  This is THE day to celebrate that little beverage that makes us all a little snobbish. Sure, we could order what's on the menu...but that wouldn't be special.

Are you an Official Coffee Snob? On your way to becoming one? is the day to find out.

To observe National Coffee Day, you can take part in the following:

  • Try a new roast...Dark? Medium? Light?
  • Make yourself a cup of coffee before work; especially if you never have before.
  • Visit a coffee shop.
  • Order something extra special.


I'm not sure if it's happening anywhere in central Minnesota, but McDonalds are supposed to be giving out a free coffee with their app, or you can get any coffee today for $2. Other places across the US are participating, including Dunkin' Donuts...they are having a buy one get one free day; Krispy Kreme will giv eyou ONE free coffee a day ALL weekend, and you'll just have to stop by our local convenience stores and see if they are participating.

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