Tis the season...for thankfulness, family, reflections, resolutions, and gift giving. But it's also time to vote for Central Minnesota's #1 country song of 2014. Who will earn the top spot this year...FGL? Jason? Luke? Blake? You decide...by voting among the Top 10 songs of the year below!

All these songs were #1 on the charts for more than a week at a time in the year 2014, and you get to vote for your favorites every day until Christmas! If you don't see your favorite songs from the year on the Top 11 list below...write them in! Then listen to 98 Country's Top 98 of 2014 radio special on New Years Eve & New Year's Day to find out how your votes stacked up!

Vote for your favorite songs in the Top 11 only once a day until 12:01AM on December 24th. Multiple selections and write-ins are allowed each time you vote. The amount of time each song was #1 this year is in parenthesis. Have fun with it!


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