Doesn't this sound horrifying! How many times have you woke up with a sore throat over night; a metallic taste in your mouth; and your nose just keeps on running and running?

I think we've all been there. Well, now we have something else to worry about. That might not be just gross nasal fluid. It might be brain fluid.  Cerebrospinal Fluid, is a clear fluid that flows between the brain and its outer covering, and between the spinal cord and it's outer covering. When it leaks down your nasal passage into your throat, it can have a metal taste to it.


It sounds horrifying, but people can actually have this problem, called CSF Rhinorrhea , and you can actually have the condition for many years before it causes problems. However, if you THINK you have the condition, it is possible to have it fixed in some cases with surgery.

If you have this condition you might have the following symptoms: A continuous runny nose, painful headaches, and trouble sleeping. Gosh! That sounds like a  matter of fact, it sounds like a lot of people. How does this happen? It can happen from an injury involving hitting your head. Complications can include bacterial meningitis.

Do Doctors ever check for this???

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