Okay...I admit it.  I love pumpkin pie. I love baking eat. I love eating it. I love smelling it. I look forward to every season; but especially fall; wearing cozy fun sweaters and boots; cuddling in warm blankets by a fire; burning candles that fill the house with scents of spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin.

But...even I have to draw the line somewhere. Do you want to bath in pumpkin bubble bath? Do you want to spray your body with Pumpkin Spritz? I can't imagine that I would want a man that smelled of Pumpkin Cologne...but maybe?  No.

I opened my email this morning and was covered in emails and special discounts for my pumpkin bubble baths, shower gels, body spritzers and more!

I'll take the candles and the Scenty's....but please..don't ask me to wear pumpkin's just wrong.

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