Everyone seems to enjoy a scare every now and then, it makes you feel...alive. There is one scary/haunted place in Minnesota that is the 'most haunted', and it's not that place on 660th in Watkins. It's the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul. Let's see why this location is one of Minnesota's most haunted.

The History Show with Alex, a popular online social media page that shares historical posts, stated that Minnesota's most haunted location is the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul, but why that location and nor the hotel in Sauk Centre?

Well, there is some reasoning behind it, and here is what the page had to say about the caves.

Minnesota: Wabasha Street Caves, Saint Paul

Historical Background: Historically used as speakeasies during the Prohibition era and now a popular event venue. 

Paranormal Claims: Echoes of past gangsters and flapper-era spirits are said to linger. 

Eyewitness Accounts: Reports of phantom gunshots and visions of 1920s party-goers. 

Notable Investigations: A favored spot for ghost tours and paranormal investigations. 

Disturbing Facts:

The caves are rumored to be the site of several unsolved murders linked to gangster activity in the 1920s. 

Visitors frequently hear jazz music playing faintly in the background, with no discernible source. 

Shadowy figures dressed in period attire are often seen disappearing into the walls.

I'm glad they gave some reasons for why it's the most haunted spot in Minnesota, but is it really more haunted than let's say...the Skatin Place in St. Cloud? (I didn't know a website listed it as a haunted building)

Here's what MinnesotaHauntedHouses.com say about Skatin' Place:

According to a local legend, this location has a ghost named Gilbert who used to live in a farmhouse on the property. Gilbert ended up getting trapped in the swampy land and dying, but his spirit is said to linger the premises. He is said to turn the lights on and off of the arcade games and walks around on the roof. One report says the song Ghostbusters came on over the CD player one night after hours, although the system was off and no CD was in the slot. A customer also reported seeing a face appear in an air vent while she was skating.

I'll take my chances at both the Skatin' Place and in the Caves.

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