Seems that there have been more than usual amount of UFO sightings recently. Even the Pentagon says that there is something out there but what?

Personally I've never seen one but my former brother and sister in-law had an experience about 20 years ago. They were staying in a rented cabin up near Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Around 2 AM one morning they woke up when all the yard lights went dark and the window air conditioner quit running.

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They looked out the window and saw 3 round spheres hovering in the yard. The watched until the 3 spheres merged into one and took off at a rapid speed into the night. Immediately after whatever it was left, all the electricity came back on.

The recent sighting in Eveleth, Minnesota wasn't quite as detailed. There is some security camera footage supplied by a resident of Eveleth that show what appears to be some sort of UFO.

Chief Meteorologist, Justin Lies from TV station WDIO shared the security camera footage he received from resident Lorry Belobaba on WDIO's Facebook. Check it out:

Sure, it could be any number of things but the way it darts back and forth and takes off at a impossible rate of speed, I would lean toward believing it was some sort of UFO.

After the Pentagon recently released video of what they call Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP's), more people are taking notice. The risk of being labeled as crazy for saying you witnessed one of these flying objects is not longer such a worry.

These UFO's or UAP's, or whatever you want to call them, don't necessarily mean the Martians are coming for us. For now it's just objects jetting around in the sky and we have no idea what they really are.

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