Have you noticed lately... if you use the self check out at Target...that you can only use a credit or debit card?  I thought at first it was just a COVID thing, like it was cleaner to use plastic, but now, it's continued on into this year. I also thought maybe it was because the machine had a glitch and was unable to process cash.  But this can been going on for quite some time.  They also have the extra person positioned near the self check out that asks if you are planning to use a card and they will be able to expedite your transaction a bit quicker.

Is this a permanent thing?  Or have I just not been at a self-check that will accept cash?  Like luck of the draw?  Admittedly. I would probably use a card anyway because I rarely have cash, but is this never going to be an option again?

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Last year they were saying that there was a change shortage.  I never really believed that noise.  But I could definitely be wrong.  How could there be a change shortage?  weird.  One of the reasons given was that everyone was using plastic because of the pandemic.  Well, how would that be a factor?  If you aren't using change to pay, you also aren't getting any change given back to you.  Call me confused.  Obviously there could be other reasons that I just don't know about.

I know that some people will say that no one should be using the self check out at big box stores or the grocery stores because you are "taking a job from someone else and we don't work there" but sometimes it's faster and more convenient.

And by the way- I do understand the card thing at the gas station, it does help to check on possible drive offs.  The gas station has your information.  Maybe that 's the reason... they can check your info if you are suspected of stealing at a big box store.  Possible?

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