Every Halloween is a welcome time at my house. My kids have always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. It's the only time they do it, and they make sure to have their very favorite costumes each year.

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The thing is; They are always the same thing. My oldest son Drew has been a Star Wars fan since he was little. He's got every single card of trading cards that Grandma and I searched every store for, and probably every single Star Wars movie.

So it's no surprise that Drew goes as Anakin Skywalker every year. His best buddy, and cousin, Brody, goes as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mason my youngest, is Chewbacca, simply because he has the hair that fits.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes

Tanner would go as anything. He loves to do that, but he hasn't spent hundreds of dollars on a costume.

So my question is; should they give up the costumes this year? Or should they continue to be the same characters every year?


They tend to take it to the next level, by enjoying a lightsaber fight at Grandma and Grandpa's front yard, which they have all purchased expensive, and sound-making lightsabers.

I truly think that they really really wish they could be transported to a time and place where they could actually be Star Wars Characters. Drew booked a theatre for the whole family one year just so everyone could dress up and enjoy the new Star Wars movie that year.

So I guess, if it means saving $400 for a new Star Wars costume, then I say...just be what you want to be. If it's one day a year...may the force be with you.


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