Either an entire building briefly vanished, or I just wasn't looking hard enough. It was probably the latter.

Yesterday I had to mail out a package and run to the bank before hitting up the gym. Typically I'm a Sauk Rapids Post Office kind of person, but with my bank stop also on the to-do list, I figured it would be easier to go to the Sartell location. I knew the general location of the post office, and a quick Google search told me it was across from the bowling alley. Easy enough to find, or so I thought.

I was driving across the bridge, past Kwik Trip, and suddenly I'm past the bowling alley and Winners, totally missing the post office.

Where was that burnt red building I was looking for?

Since I had already passed where I KNEW the building was located, I just carried on and went to the bank and the gym. I wasn't in the mood to turn around, so I just carried on and went to the Sauk Rapids post office on my way home.

I'm well aware that this is the biggest blonde moment ever. Believe me, I'm embarrassed to my core that I mapped out my afternoon based on a post office on a main road I've driven hundreds of times, that I somehow couldn't find.

The point of sharing this story is just to put it out there. We all have those days. It's OK. We're all human, and we will find that post office next time.

Also, a big shout out to all postal workers. Everyone that I have ever met has always been so kind. You guys have busy jobs this time of year and deserve recognition for your hard work!

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