My husband Dave and I have been talking about getting a new vehicle that will fit our growing household. The two of us alone can pack a standard car pretty full whenever we go on trips with our luggage alone. There's no way we'll be able to fit a stroller, pack n' play and a BABY in either of our vehicles. So, it's officially time for me to say 'goodbye' to Big Blue (yes I named my car).

Since my husband recently purchased his vehicle, we agreed that it was my turn to upgrade. So, I'm officially searching for a 'mom car.' I need your suggestions! I really want to stay away from the whole minivan look. Even though I want to get mom car, I still want to feel cool driving it around town! I mean, who doesn't want to feel like a hot mom, right? I also want something that will be safe, reliable and last me along time.

Are you driving a 'mom car' or 'dad car' that you absolutely love? If so, tell me a little bit about it--please and thank you!!


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