My "staycation" starts tomorrow and Brittany is making a list and checking it twice...

I haven't seen the list Brittany is creating yet, but I'm sure with an entire week off, I'll be busy... maybe I should just stay at work?

I have my own plans like sleeping in, watching the greatest Christmas movie of all time, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", have some adult beverage time (nightly, ha) and basically just being a bum. That is until I get the "honey-do-list".

I guess it'll be a good thing to have a list of stuff to get done, but I really don't want to do anything.

Maybe take in some local live music, a movie, a show... something like that is on my to do list, that will be overruled by Brittany's.

What are somethings you enjoy doing during a "staycation"... you can leave your ideas for me below.