My son and I went on an exciting ride this past weekend. I thought it was a beautiful day to get him some driving hours in. Boy...did we.

Now first of all, I have to say, for a beginning Driver, my son is doing a pretty good job. He looks both front...behind...and we will wait for a car that's a mile away before he will ever pull out. I'm good with it.

But then it's the 'blind spot' thing. We pulled onto HWY 169 towards Milaca, and ended up behind a very slow vehicle that was pulling a piece of farm equipment.

My instructions were: Put your blinker on, and get over when you can, so we can get around this guy; then get back into the other lane as soon as you can.

I need to choose my words more carefully. I told him to get back over in the other lane as soon as possible, but I DID want him to wait until he was around the other vehicle.

We almost ended up right in the side.  That whole blind spot thing. Boys and girls...just a reminder. You HAVE to look over your shoulders...The mirrors don't show you everything!

Luckily, he corrected himself, and then came over when I told him to; but the traffic behind us were beeping...and doing other things....ugh....It was a very frustrating learning experience.

On a good note: He STOPPED  going towards vehicle on the right...He waited til he was all the way around, and then he came over. The rest of the day was great. Now the plan is to get a magnet for the back of my car that says:

"Student Driver and Nervous Parent on Board."

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