My commute to-and-from St Cloud on Highway 10 everyday is mostly non-descript. One of the "little things" that break up the monotony of the drive: the sign pictured above (there are a couple on my commute).

It's been informative and, occasionally, entertaining. The above pic was snapped on Halloween. There have been a few since...but there apparently won't be anymore going further, as the Department of Transportation has decided to put an end to the entertainment and mandated information-only.



Studies that I'm too lazy to cite (Google them) show that the humor and pop culture references actually help drivers remember the warnings...but the Feds think that the signs are too distracting.

In memoriam of the good ol' days of road signage, here are some choice cuts from around the country:

-"Tailgating is for football, not highways"

-"Visiting in-laws? Slow down, get there late"

-"Cousin Eddie says Twitter's full. Put down the phone" <<< my personal favorite!

-"Don't drive star spangled hammered"

-"We'll be blunt. Don't drive high"

-"100 is the temperature, not the speed limit"

-"Who ya gonna call?'re driving" (a clutch Ghostbusters reference)

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A few highlights aimed at the jerkfaces who haven't figured out turn signals:
-"Don't be a stinker, use your blinker"
-"Does your blinker not work, or what?"
-"Turn signals, the original instant message"

R.I.P. to yet another source of fun on my commute. My memory is straight trash, so NOW how will I remember that only witches drive high?

Thanks a lot, gubmint.

H/T: Wall Street Journal

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