I'm literally freaking out right now because I'm going to my first ever Alan Jackson concert on Friday night at Grand Casino Hinckley.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Alan Jackson fan. He's probably my all time favorite country music singer. I'm absolutely in love with his voice, and his down to Earth personality!

He's a country music legend in my mind and am actually nervous to go to the show. I'm building it up in my mind and I really hope he doesn't disappoint. I've been watching YouTube videos of Jackson in concert trying to imagine what it'll be like watching him live--he's such an amazing entertainer!

I hope he plays all of his hits. Plus, what's even better is that the weather is going to be a beautiful Sunny and 77 degrees for the outdoor concert! I feel like after this concert, my life will be complete! What country music artist are you just dying to see live?!