I've wanted to see Lady Antebellum in concert for a long time.  The timing was never right up until Friday night.  Let's just say I will be seeing them again for sure!

One of the last times Lady Antebellum was coming here, I really wanted to take my Mom for her birthday but we couldn't quite make it work.  When the chance to see them in Hinckley came up, I knew I was going no matter what.

Friday was the perfect night for an outdoor concert at Grand Casino Hinckley's outdoor amphitheater.  The band took the stage at 7:30 and the concert was a mixture of great songs and laughter.

During their debut tune Love Don't Live Here Anymore Charles sang the same verse twice, which I wouldn't have caught if he hadn't said anything.  I loved that he could stop the song, start over and make fun of himself for forgetting where he was at.

Throughout the course of the show they did some cover songs like Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon, Dixie Chicks' Cowboy Take Me Away (which was better than the original), Avicii and Anna Kendrick's Cups.  The cover I loved the most was Honky Tonk Women from the Rolling Stones.  It was just awesome!

My favorite song of the night was We Owned The Night.  That is undoubtedly my favorite Lady Antebellum song and they blew it out of the park.  Everything from their sound, to the backdrop and production, all of it was nothing short of amazing.

Here's what impressed me about their show, it was very simple.  There was no major production, no over the top crazy light shows, nothing like that.  It was them up on stage doing what they do best -- sing.  Normally, I like when an artist shares things about their life.  There wasn't much of that but I would guess that would be hard with three of them and they more than made up for that with all their audience interaction.

It was one the best concerts I have ever been to and I know they say there only two things certain in life -- death and taxes.  For me, it's death, taxes and more Lady Antebellum concerts!