The 80's had some fascinating things going on that only people who were alive during that time will remember. Sorry 90's babies, Minnesota was MUCH cooler in the 1980's!

Shopping at Dayton's in Minneapolis

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Dayton's is long gone, but had it's flagship store in downtown Minneapolis. Did you know that Target was started by Dayton's? It's intention was to carry a discounted line of products for Dayton's before it grew larger than the retailer store that owned it.

Watching the 1987 World Series

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The Twins franchise hadn't won a World Series since 1924 (when they were the Washington Senators, so does that really count?), but did it finally in 1987. You would remember that it went to game 7 and the St. Louis Cardinals were tied with the Twins in the 5th inning. The winning game was played at the Metrodome and the Twins won in a score of 4-2.

Watching the New Release of Purple Rain


Minnesota was uber-excited to see this movie that just came out in every video store, available in BOTH beta and VHS tape! We couldn't wait to see this local pop star's movie that shows scenes from First Avenue, Minneapolis, Edina and the shores of Lake Minnetonka. If you don't remember wearing out the video tape then you weren't at least a teenager from the 80's.

Shopping Anywhere But Mall of America

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The Mall of America was built in 1992, previously to that it was where the Twins played baseball at Met Stadium, which was torn down in 1986 (see the video below). In the 80's you went shopping at Crossroads Center if you lived in St. Cloud, or other malls in the Twin Cities - Northtown, Southdale, Ridgedale, Maplewood, etc.

The 1984 Met Center WWF Hulk Hogan Wrestlemania Match

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WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned David Schultz with a clothesline after the challenger missed a top rope move. After the bout, Schultz hit the champion several times with the belt before Hogan eventually cleared the ring and regained his title belt; Okerlund was the guest ring announcer for the match. (Source Hulk Hogan History).

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