Ahh, the seagull flock that sits in the parking lot by Savers and Joann Fabric. Such majestic creatures.

If you have ever been in that parking lot you know exactly what flock I'm talking about. There is a flock of seagulls that hangs out in the "no-mans-land" of that lot between Burger King and Harbour Freight. They just chill there. Walk in circles, fly a little bit, and I don't know, plot their takeover of the city?

I'm not part of their seagull gang, so I'm not totally sure why they chose this parking lot to hang out in. There is a Burger King, but there is no outdoor dining area, and the only other eating establishments in that lot are Bonanza and Chuck E. Cheese. I can't imagine the birds are there for the snacks. There is no water around the area either. Kinda odd considering they are sea-gulls.

Are the seagulls into thrift shopping or DIY's? Are they trying to get some killer thrifting deals at Savers? Or are they trying to take up sewing at Joann's? Neither seems like an appropriate place for a flock. Yet there they are.

And since these birds are obviously not going anywhere we might as well give them an official title: the national bird of St. Cloud. You can always count on them to be in that parking lot. They know what they like and won't change to please other people. They are strong and hearty like the granite this city was built on. They aren't too flashy, and stick together as good Central Minnesotans do.

This flock of seagulls deserves to be the official bird of St. Cloud. Someone get the mayor on the phone.

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