There's been a new fad all over the frozen world called 'ice circles'. This one is the most bizarre, and it's in Minnesota on Bray Lake in Nashwauk.

There's not much to do when everything is frozen. So where there's frozen water, there's opportunity I guess.

If you come across a perfect circle of ice spinning around inside it's outer perimeter, you've found an ice circle. People are cutting a well-formed circle, of large size, through the ice and making a sort of island that can turn like a carousel. They've been found all over Minnesota, but this one is pretty's motor-powered.

If you head up to Bray Lake in Nashwauk, you'll find this ice circle spinning very fast. It's powered by a small boat motor thanks to the mind of a guy named Mark Verm. He took this video of his large ice circle that he cut out using a chain saw.

There's a few videos now showing these ice circles all over the world. Here's another that was posted in Duluth. Happy winter I guess!

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