This past weekend we decided to take advantage of the warmer winter weather and headed to New Brighton to Long Lake Regional Park for Ice Castles.  It's really very cool.  When you think about the time it took to make all of those ice formations that are anything from rooms, to tunnels, to slides both for kids and adults, it's pretty awesome.

PHOTO: laura Bradshaw

If you do get chilly, there are a few firepits around to warm you up along with a concession stand with some hot drinks and sweet treats to enjoy.

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PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

There are even some fountains included in the ice formations.  It's like a whole bunch of icicles grouped together with some LED lights that change periodically.  It really gives it a cool vibe.  And the simple fact that these all start with just a drip out of a faucet, basically to get this made adds to the awesomeness.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Check it out!  You can get tickets at the door, but it's much easier to buy them ahead of time online, and also it's cheaper.