At this point, I'm not in the market to buy a home but if I was, there would be a few things I would want to know first.  Like whether or not the home is possessed by demons.

I know it sounds totally crazy, right?  I'm still establishing my beliefs on the paranormal.  I don't that I truly believe in ghosts and spirits, but I also don't not believe in them either.  The truth is I have no clue but after reading this story out of Gary, Indiana, I'm one step closer to believing there are lots of unworldly things out there.

I will just summarize the story from the Indy Star.  I highly suggest reading the full article, it's worth it.  This woman moved in to a house with her mother and three children.  Almost immediately weird things started happening -- her daughter was found unconscious and had levitated off of her bed.  All three appeared to have been taken over by something because they would get crazy looks on their face, their voices would change drastically and their eyes would roll back in their head. One of her children even walked backwards up a wall.

This is totally crazy and at first I thought maybe it was a hoax.  However, authorities have investigated the family and they were examined by doctors, who determined there were no issues.  Authorities spent time in the house and with the family, where they witnessed some of the strange things that happened.

The family has since moved and according to TMZ, Zac Bagans from Ghost Adventures has purchased the home.

If this were my home, I would be absolutely freaking out.  I honestly don't know what I'd do but I know that it would probably scare me to death.  Even if I didn't have the money, I'd ditch the house and crash in a cardboard box or something.  There's just no way I'd be able to stay there.

What do you think -- is this legitimate or a hoax?

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