Minnesota had it's very own dose of Hawkins Indiana this weekend with a visit from Chief Hopper himself, David Harbour.

In addition to his Q&A promoting the new season of Netflix's Stranger Things at the Mall of America, Harbour also made a stop at the Science Museum of Minnesota, famous for Dustin's purple Brontosaurus sweatshirt!


Look who stopped by to visit the dinosaurs! We had a great time hosting David Harbour, who plays Chief of Police Jim Hopper on Stranger Things on @netflix. He even paused for a photo with the purple hoodie that turned our world upside down!#ThunderLizard#StrangerThings3

The hoodie was such a favorite of fans of the show it sparked the museum to start printing them again. The first time since the 80's! You can get your own on the Science Museum website.

Check out David Harbour posing with the Thunder Lizzard hoodie in the post below, and be ready for Stranger Things season three to hit Netflix on July 4th!

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