I made dinner and was just about to sit down to watch Judge Judy last night (that's my new obsession) when the tornado sirens started sounding.

Ashli Gerdes

My fiance is usually the fearless storm chaser, but last night was different. He said he just had a really bad feeling about the storms and thought we should hang out downstairs.

We turned on the radio to listen to the severe weather coverage on our sister station WJON and immediately realized how bad the weather actually was. So, Dave and I decided to chill out in the crawl space for awhile.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have zero chill in me. The crawl space wasn't clean or tidy. So, I said to Dave, "Don't you think it would be fun and productive of us to use this as an opportunity to organize and clean out the crawl space?" He shot me a glare and said, "can we please just sit here quietly and try not to die?"

Zombie Halloween decoration is safe and taking cover.

I couldn't stop laughing because I knew he was right. I needed to just chill out and listen to the radio. So, of course I got bored. I started snapping photos of myself in the crawl space and played with our Halloween decorations!

What did you do in your storm shelter last night?