These are crazy times. I get it. Is Anxiety at an all time high? Is everyone reacting in an over reacting manner? Think about how far we have come in a short period of time of trying to deal with Covid-19.  We've already come a long way...even when it comes to testing.

You may be wondering; is that runny nose and sore throat related to Covid-19? Or am I just suffering from my regular allergies? Maybe it's the flu? Maybe it's nothing at all. These are the questions you ask yourself before ever thinking of heading to a Covid testing station. The stories you hear are awful. That it's painful. They stick that swab way up into your head, and it's incredibly and unbearably uncomfortable.  Well...hold your horses. I've had a different experience.

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Before you ask; I'll just tell you. My test came back negative. I was like you; worried that my sore throat and burning chest may be more than the flu; than a cold; than allergies, but I didn't want to take the chance of bringing it to my coworkers or extended family and friends. (Sorry kids...you live with me).

I made an appointment online to go to the free testing site at The River's Edge Convention center, after feeling under the weather with dizziness, nausea, a sore throat and a burning chest.

I went to our website's story, and linked to the scheduling page. I selected an available time, and was provided very simple instructions.

I went the next day to take the test. I was expecting lines and lines of people, but instead was greeted outside the door by someone checking people in, who provided me with a brand new clean mask, and offered instructions of where to go inside. Once inside, another friendly face asked me if I had an appointment. I said yes, and she pointed to the appropriate line. I moved forward and was greeted by another attendant who told me to proceed to table 2. The gentleman at the table asked me a few questions about my symptoms, and sent me to the next spot. There, I stood behind 3 other people in line.  It took less than five minutes for me to get to the front of the line, where they verified my identity before showing me to my spot for the test.

The person conducting the test told me exactly what they were going to do before they did it. She said, "This is a simple swab in each of your nostrils for about 10 seconds. These DO NOT go way up into your nose...it's a much more humane way of doing it than the first tests, so it's just a little tickly. Are you ready?"

I said yes.  She asked me to pull my mask down just under my nose, and proceeded to swab just the inside of my left nostril for about 10 seconds, and then the right; same procedure. It was at the base of my nose, not at the top...and although it did tickle a  little, it was fine. It didn't hurt. It wasn't unbearable.

The whole experience took less than 1 minute.  She then told me that if I tested positive they would call me within 3-5 days. If I tested negative they would send me an email.

Within 2 1/2 days, I received my negative result, and was able to come back to work today. I had contacted my Doctor in the meantime for a Televisit, and was given instructions and meds to help me regardless if I had covid or not.

I'm just here to tell you; if you are avoiding having a test done because you are fearful of having it, it...is...no...big..deal.   Go for it. Do yourself a favor, and those around you. It was a simple as it could be and I was able to park, go inside, have the test, and out within 10 minutes.


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