Ice cream is great, especially when we've been experiencing the hot and humid weather here in Central Minnesota. It's nice to be able to stop into an ice cream shop and pick up some refreshing treat  It's also great when you can do that and also support local businesses.

This weekend we stopped into Jupiter Moon Ice Cream shop in St. Joseph. This place is so cute, and they have some great options for anyone's pallet. The first thing I noticed when walking into the shop was how good it smelled -- like waffles. That would be from the waffle cones that they have as one of the options. They are delicious, by the way.  I also noticed that they have several of their flavors packed and ready to go in pints.  Both vegan options if you don't eat dairy, and the regular flavors too. They are separated and easily marked  If you head up to the counter, you will see the vegan options clearly marked there as well.

My favorite ice cream is chocolate/peanut butter. I asked about that and they said that they are trying to keep the shop nut free so anyone with allergies will still be able to enjoy anything and everything. Personally, I was a little disappointed they didn't have that option, but they have several others, and it's a good thing to know if you have someone with allergies in your family.  Good to go!

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We all chose different flavors, and they were all delicious.  Rich, creamy and something that will keep you asking for more.

Check out Jupiter Moon Ice Cream next time you are in St. Joe- they are located in the spot previously held by Bad Habit brewery right on Minnesota Street, which is the main street in St. Joe.

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