It seems like I do quite a bit of driving these days and I see some crazy things on the road. This was one of the coolest, for sure!

I don't usually pay too much attention to details about cars around me but this bad boy was pretty hard to miss.  The car itself wasn't so unique, it was what was strapped on top that caught my attention.

As you can see, the owner of this vehicle has an old school boombox roped to the top of the car.  I'm sorry, I might be a total nerd but that's awesome!  My mom was in the car with me and we tried to to roll down the window to see if music was blaring out the speakers but it was too hard to hear with that strong wind.

I've seen crazy things like this before (someone used the back end of their truck for a hot tub!) and usually these folks are headed out to a music festival.  It won't shock me to run in to this car again and if that's the case I want to make friends with the owner.  He or she gets an A+ for creativity!

Have you seen anything crazy on a vehicle before?