Does your life every get so hectic, you have to remember to breath? I always try to be a positive person. I think life is amazing. However; I'm going to write down here everything that is on my mind at this very moment. After you read it, you might agree....This girl needs to calm down.  You might also consider doing the same thing. Write it down.  Like me, you might need to declutter your mind and get this stuff off your chest...so however random it might seem...lets go. This crazy, lovely, scary, precious, beautiful life...is MESSY! It's also how I've been thinking ever since my concussion. Maybe I'm still concussed. (Is that a word)?


I love my life right now. Most of the time. I have a great group of work friends, family, my kids, my music, my Randy. I have Sampson my Great Dane and Mr. Bean my Cat. Sometimes those two are who I spend the most time with...silent, restful times at night.  But when I start thinking of how busy I am...how many interviews I have this week, getting the kids situated for college; braces; work?


I miss some of  my old friends. Terribly. Where does life take us that the people that meant so much to us when we were younger; school and college; become memories instead of life long friendships? Maybe it's me. Always too busy to take time for them? Or is it a combination of all of us living our adult lives? Raising kids..work...spouses.


Is this why I feel like I DON'T have enough air?  Is it because I don't feel like I have time or room for everything? Is this a good or a bad thing? I'm so busy from the time I get up to the time I go to bed? I can't keep everything straight right now.


It's true...Sometimes I think about how busy people are these days, and how wrong I feel like it is.. But maybe it's NOT wrong...Maybe we are just so used to getting everything our way, we don't realize that it is great.  Maybe we need to work our butts off..but find ways to do what we love... to work around the clock to survive this sweet life we've been given.  How bittersweet.


I was listening to the news about a recent teacher strike in the south and the response the person being interviewed by the news team gave.  The answer was, "We think this increase in salaries will help, but the rest is up to them... and if they have a big family, a second job will help."

This was the most horrifying answer I think I could have heard, blurted out to the media. Teachers,  give us all you've got. Take care of our kids all day, teach them, counsel them, be a coach after school for our kids...If you've got a big family and can't support them...that's your problem..not ours. Find a job in all the spare time that you've got.


Okay...That sounds really harsh. I was horrified. But...Is it true? Do we need to start thinking about our future before it arrives? What type of job are you going to look for? Do you know what kind of earnings you are going to have?  Base your home, family size, and expenses as such?

Also, do you make plans that you may end up divorced...Or that there may be a health scare and only one of you will be able to support your family? Reality is...no matter what happens, we all take gambles that our lives are never going to have challenges. Who wouldn't want to have to just work an 8 hour day, go home to their families, pets, have a few hobbies, get enough rest. Sounds like a dream. Everyone shouts that we need to get enough sleep or else...we need to get enough exercise...or else...we need to ..we need to...we need to....I can't breath. Trying to keep up with all the things that our society says we have to do or else...is impossible and it's wearing me down.


What do you do with all this....I don't have time for myself. So...I take deep breaths for the 40 minute drive home everyday. I sit in silence, and just breath and drive. Water? I drink it before I leave for work. I drink it on the way to work...on my way home from work...and before I start work at night.   Living?   Life is gritty...it is hard...AND it is rich. We need to enjoy the fact that for some reason, we are all here...walking this planet...THAT is a miracle in itself.

Now that I got all that out of my head...I feel better. What's in your head stopping you from being productive? Happy? Get it out on paper. You might sound crazy, but join the club. Aren't we all?

How about that...I can breath.

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