I bought a new laptop at Best Buy yesterday. It was the first time I've purchased one since college and it's safe to say that they've changed a lot. I felt so out of my element!

I've been using my iphone for everything and haven't really had a need for a home computer. My husband and I decided that with the new baby coming, it was time to get a new computer and have something reliable at home to upload our pictures to. My old laptop is just too slow.

I got to Best Buy and thought I'd probably end up spending $300 to $400 for a good laptop. To my surprise, computers aren't as "cheap" as they were when I was in college. Most of the computers were around $800 for an average one. To me, that's how much Macs used to be.

I was complaining about it to my husband and I'm pretty sure the workers could hear my disappointment and laughed to themselves a little bit. I must have seemed pretty ignorant as far as technology went.

As I browsed through the isles looking at the different computers and brands out there, I started to notice how cool they all were. Some of the laptops were touch screen with the capability to be turned into tablets. How awesome is that? It's no wonder that they aren't as cheap as I remember them being in college. Some of the computers were voice activated. I don't even think that was an option the last time I bought a computer.

I ended up finding a pretty cool touch screen model for a REASONABLE price for all of the bells and whistles that came with it. It's crazy to think the next time I need to buy a new computer they'll probably be able to vacuum and clean your house too.




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