If I haven't mentioned it lately, I have the absolute best fiance in the entire world! A few months ago I made a bucket list of all of the things I hope to do before I turn 30. I've got an awful lot of things I aspire to do within the next four years.

He found my bucket list which was stuffed in a drawer in our coffee table, and decided to plan a weekend afternoon surprise for me. One of my bucket list items was to go to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis to check out the water fall! Another one of my bucket list items was to have a REAL picnic with the basket and blanket.

Dave and I got in the car that morning, and I had no idea where we were going. I fell asleep in the car, and when I woke up we were in Minneapolis. To my surprise we ended up going to Minnehaha Falls! But, wait--there's more!

Dave told me to wait in the car for a minute. He got out and started rummaging around in the trunk. Eventually, I got out of the car--and when I did, I realized he was holding a real wicker picnic basket with a real plaid picnic blanket.

He packed us sandwiches, chips, fruit cups and water! We went to check out the amazing view of the water fall, took a walk around the park and found the perfect spot to have our picnic! It was absolutely adorable!

Minnehaha Falls has a ton of history! There are kiosks located around the park to give you little tidbits of the past and things that have taken place in the park over the years. In the park you'll also find the first settler house established in Minneapolis which launched Hennepin County. It's so cool!

After our park tour we ended up at the Twins game. They lost, but it was a very "Minnesota" weekend for us! If you've never been to Minnehaha Falls, you must put it on your Minnesota bucket list and check it out!!

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