I helped my mom clean out her cabinets and junk drawers this weekend and realized she's a hoarder.

Well, she's not actually a hoarder, but she's definitely a pack rat. When we first moved into the house when I was 13, we just unpacked everything and didn't really think about the functionality of where we put things.

My mom asked me to help her reorganize the kitchen because cleaning and organizing are two of my favorite things to do.

At first, I was pretty conservative with what I told her to throw away. But after awhile I was throwing out junk left and right without even asking her. There was just so much stuff. We found a violin tuner in her hutch. My sisters had been looking for it for months.

My mom likes to decorate cakes. She saves the cake containers from the grocery store and puts her own cakes in them. They take up a ton of space and she doesn't make cakes as often as she used to. I convinced her to throw them away.

She also likes to keep weird appliances on-hand. For example, she has a bread maker, two deep friers, a snow cone machine, wok, popcorn machine, mini sandwich maker and other weird things hanging out in the cupboards that she has never even used. They are all taking up necessary space. I told her to pack it all up in bins and put it in storage. You can always take it out of storage when you need to use it (which she most likely won't.)

Before we started the reorganization there wasn't a free shelf in the kitchen. After we purged everything she didn't need or use, we have two completely empty drawers, and 3 cupboard shelves that have nothing on them.

She was a little frustrated when I started throwing everything I deemed necessary away. But, after everything was all done I think she loved the result.

Now, I have birthday and Christmas ideas for her for the next few years. It'll be to replace some of the old things I threw out. #SORRYnotsorry.

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