Yesterday I went to the doctor for a three hour glucose test. If you've never been pregnant before, you may not know what that is. Basically it's a test that determines whether you have gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes usually only lasts during your pregnancy and can cause complications during the delivery. This happens because the baby is usually bigger. So in order to treat gestational diabetes, you need to put yourself on a very strict low carbohidrate diet, sometimes take insulin shots and attend mandatory weekly classes.

I had my first glucose test right after my birthday weekend and Minnesota State Fair trip. It's safe to say I had a lot of sugar over that weekend and that was not such a smart idea before the glucose test. My preliminary screening was a red flag to my doctors that I could possibly have gestational diabetes.

So, yesterday I had a three hour doctors appointment to determine whether the first test was an anomaly. My day started off by fasting from midnight until the tests were over. I couldn't even have water. I got to the doctors office at 8:30 a.m. and had to drink a sugary liquid mixture that tasted like flat Mountain Dew.

From that point on, I had to get my blood drawn every hour on the hour for three hours. The tests showed how your body handled the sugar. I needed my levels to be normal for at least two of the three tests to be cleared.

After a very long morning of watching the Game Show Network, I got my results back! Everything is normal and I'm in the clear. If you're pregnant or hope to be someday, take my advice and make sure to eat pretty clean before your glucose test...otherwise you'll be at the doctors office for a three hour appointment like I was--not fun!

P.S. the nurses and staff at CentraCare are amazing!

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