I have several friends who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I cannot imagine what they go through, day-in and day-out, and of no fault of their own.

When I was given the opportunity to be the master of ceremonies (MC) for the Walk MS: St Cloud (STC), I didn't hesitate.

The weather was perfect: lots of sunshine and not too warm, not too cold...the Baby Bear porridge of weather!

Obligatory selfie (Ned @ Townsquare Media)

The walkers were enthusiastic and ready to roll. I spoke my parts, and away we went!

We were even treated to live music:

(Ned @ Townsquare Media)

There was dancing, a lot of smiles, and even a few dogs (one of which did NOT appreciate being looked at by another)!

Big thanks to Walk MS for having me, but moreso for keeping up the fight against MS!

Donations and volunteering is ALWAYS welcome. Find out more on the National MS Society website.

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