Living on a small hobby farm is often exciting, sometimes challenging but always, always a great learning experience. This weekend I learned that there are wild unicorns out there.

My daughter and I were walking in the "back 5" when our dog got super excited about something she had found.

Immediately my dog's coat got shiny and she ran off to save someone's life. Now what could she have found?

unicorn poop

When my daughter and I checked it out we found.....unicorn poop! Magical powers, sparkly appearance - what else could it be?

We collected all that we could find and this morning I brought it into work.

Wolf says that since he acquired the unicorn poop, his brain has been growing. Growing so much that he's using words like "acquired" instead of "got me some".

My daughter and I are now the most beautiful girls in the world and we have a lifetime supply of chocolate that will never make us fat.

Truly magical. Unicorn poop I tell you.


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