So...I'm probably not a 'traditional' decorator...but this crazy looking gold shaded lined cabinet found it's home in my living room. Believe me...I second guess myself all the time. So I checked in with Abby, my radio daughter, to make sure I was making the right decision.

Photo by Kelly Cordes


This is the picture of my living room that I showed to Abby. It was sort of just 'thrown together' with what already existed in the house for curtains, and just what I had for furniture. I haven't really been able to put money into decorating as the roof and a few other things had to be taken care of first. But as I have finally begun to realize the space, I discovered how much I HATE seeing cables and messy floors look in my favorite room in the house. I wanted something that provided storage, as well as a unique retro look to my almost retro living room.

Photo by Kelly Cordes


I still have some work to do...lift the starburst up a few inches above the television, and get some maroon, brown, and dark green throw pillows and possible a throw for chairs...but overall, it accomplished it's goals. As Abbey said, you'll notice that it stays in uniform with the lines in the living room and dining room artwork, shown above and below.

Photo by Kelly Cordes


I love the way this is all beginning to take shape. What's next? I've got a few projects in mind; but so far...this is making me very happy!

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