I don't believe in bad luck...but!  It does seem like when something bad happens, then bad things just keep on comin!


BAD LUCK #1.  Today I forgot my phone. What?!  I've had to rethink my whole day. I've been contacting all of my children, my parents & Randy through Messenger. Yes. Already. I had to wake them all up just to let them know that there's a reason I'm not responding to whatever they might be sending me.  What's that? Did you ask me if I know their phone numbers?  The answer is unfortunately ....NO!  Except for my parents...simply because I've had the number since I was able to use a phone....

BAD LUCK #2.  My son Mason was sick he didn't go to school.  Tanner has to turn in all his homework today. Will he remember to do it?  Which reminds me... Now I have to call the school, to tell them Mason isn't going to make it today...Thus..referring back to bad luck #1...having to learn how to use our station phone. Do we really have to dial 9 to make an outgoing call?  Yes...We really do. Seems so 'old school.'

BAD LUCK #3.  Tis yet to be determined.



This is just a Western Myth. Other countries choose different days as their 'bad luck' days...thus...we all just have to have our own bad luck holiday.

So!  Cheers to bad luck day, and may you make it out unscathed.

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