I just had to stop by Kitty Korner on my way home from work yesterday and see for myself what this cute little building looks like on the inside; and wow; it was filled with the most adorable bundles of joy I've ever seen.

I could totally be the crazy cat lady; as all of the kittens were ready and waiting for a great home. I particulary fell in love with this little guy: Angel.


He fit in the palm of my hand. He was funny; playful and so entertaining.  He is so soft. His fur was as soft as angel wings. We played for about 3 minutes, and put him back in his kennel. I took a moment to look around at all the other beautiful kittens and when I looked back, he was sound asleep.

Kitty Korner, photo by Kelly Cordes


This IS kitten season. If you are wanting to find a new member to join your family, or maybe two...I encourage you to stop by Kitty Korner. It's super convenient and opens at Noon each day. You can bring home your new little bundles of joy the same day!

Remember that all cats are spayed and neutered plus have all their shots before they go home as well. You really can't beat the deal. You'll be taking home a happy healthy new family member.

For more information on Kitty Korner, and all of the other cats and kittens, dogs, puppies, birds and more available at Tri County Humane Society, click HERE now.

Happy adoption day to you.  Don't forget to send us your adoption day pictures!  Send them to