I was at Kohl's over my lunch break on Tuesday returning a hat that was too big for my husband. I was a little surprised because it was pretty busy for only being 10 a.m. (I eat lunch super early).

My husband was with me, and we were standing in line behind two other people. The woman in front of us went up to the register with two items and her receipt. Everything seemed totally normal until my husband and I heard the cashier say, "I can only give you $1.90 back for these pants because they're from 2011."

Dave and I looked at each other super puzzled. Who in the world saves clothes from 2011 and then returns them six years later?! Things got even more weird when the lady also returned a shirt from 2009! Let me say that one more time...SHE RETURNED A SHIRT FROM 2009! That's the year that I graduated high school.


At this point my jaw was on the floor. Not only did she return these items, but she got some money back. When all was said and done she ended up making about five bucks--I'm not sure if it was in cash, store credit or a credit to her Kohl's card...but still! Lady, this isn't Plato's Closet!!

I have always been under the impression that there's some kind of 90 day return policy, and I guess I've been wrong this whole time. I can't complain about Kohl's because they have fantastic customer service--a little too fantastic. I was shocked!

I guess the moral of the story is that you should save all of your receipts because you might be able to return all of the clothes just sitting in your closet with the tags still attached-even ten years later!

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